Money-Driven Medicine: Table of Contents

Money-Driven Medicine is available in four versions of different lengths. Each version is divided into chapters. The menu on your DVD allows you to go directly to any of these chapters. The beginning of each chapter is also indicated in hours, minutes and seconds. (00:00;00)


Money-Driven Medicine: The Complete Film

Inside the Medical-Industrial Complex: Profits and Patients

The Doctor-Patient Partnership: Changing the Culture of American Healthcare

An Introduction to Money-Driven Medicine


Money-Driven Medicine: The Complete Film (86 minutes)

Traces the influence of financial pressures through every aspect of America's healthcare system and how it shapes the cost and quality of care.


Introduction In America Medicine Has Become a Business (00:00:00)
Chapter 1 Costs Up, Access Down (00:02:32)
Chapter 2 Doctors Say U.S. Healthcare Far From Best in the World (00:06:15)
Chapter 3 A Shortage of Primary Care Physicians (00:09:46)
Chapter 4
Commercialization Undermines the Doctor-Patient Relationship (00:14:56):
Chapter 5
Supply-Driven Overtreatment (00:20:06)
Chapter 6
One third of Healthcare Dollars Wasted on Unnecessary Treatments (00:26:39)
Chapter 7
Insurers Pass on the Cost of Unneeded Treatments - Premiums Skyrocket (00:30:04)
Chapter 8
When Patients Aren’t Told the Risks (00:32:51)
Chapter 9
Shared Decision-Making: Informed Patient Choice (00:37:41)
Chapter 10
To Compete, Hospitals Invest in Redundant Technology and Hide ‘Proprietary  Information’ (00:39:25)
Chapter 11
In Today’s Hospitals, Every Patient Needs an Advocate (00:41:57)
Chapter 12
The Medical-Industrial Complex (00:46:49)
Chapter 13
Cascading Complications – “They’re Generating Revenue” (00:55:04)
Chapter 14
When Does Aggressive Care Becomes Barbaric? (01:01:25)
Chapter 15
The Doctor-Patient Relationship (01:06:45)
Chapter 16
A System Focused on ‘Care' (01:11:43)
Chapter 17
Becoming a Patient Advocate (01:13:01)
Chapter 18
Only the Elite Will Be Able to Afford Healthcare (01:15:28)
Chapter 19
Obstacles to Reform: Who Profits from Spiraling Healthcare Spending (01:17:46)

Inside the Medical-Industrial Complex: Profits and Patients (50 minutes)

An overview of American healthcare economics including the growth and influence of the healthcare industry, "assembly line" medicine, fee-for-service vs. accountable care, over-treatment and suppy-driven demand and the rise of specialists at the expense of primary care.

Chapter 1
Not the Best, Only the Most Expensive (00:00:00)
Chapter 2
Rescue Care vs. Primary Care (00:04:53)
Chapter 3
Assembly-Line Medicine (00:10:10)
Chapter 4
A Third of Healthcare Dollars Wasted on Needless Treatment (00:14:34)
Chapter 5
Effective, Evidence-Based Care (00:22:43)
Chapter 6
The Rise of the Medical-Industrial Complex (00:28:56)
Chapter 7
When Does “Care” Becomes “Barbaric”? (00:39:18)
Chapter 8
The Doctor-Patient Partnership (00:42:56)
Chapter 9
Healthcare Reform Starts with Us (00:46:27)

The Doctor-Patient Partnership:

Changing the Culture of American Healthcare (38 minutes)

Doctors reflect on their relationship with patients and the economic pressures they feel. They discuss emergency and rescue care vs. consistent, preventive health management, and how to make primary, patient-centered care based on informed shared decision-making a priority.

Chapter 1 The Era of the ER and the Specialist (00:00:00)
Chapter 2
Making Primary Care a Priority (00:07:36)
Chapter 3
The Ethical Dilemmas of Profit-Driven Medicine (00:12:08)
Chapter 4
Informed, Shared Decision Making (00:18:00)
Chapter 5
Community-Based, Preventive Medicine (00:29:54)

An Introduction to Money-Driven Medicine (18 minutes)

A discussion starter highlighting the symptoms, diagnosis and possible cures of America's high cost, low performance health delivery system

Chapter 1 The Best Healthcare in the World? (00:02:30)
Chapter 2
Symptoms: High Cost, Poor Quality (00:03:54)
Chapter 3
Diagnosis: Profit-Driven Healthcare (00:08:56)
Chapter 4
Patient-Centered Medicine (00:14:14)