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9.16.10- Berwick article on medical education reform

In a new Academic Medicine article, price   Dr. Berwick and Dr. Finkelstein write about the continued need to reform medical education;

“In addition to understanding the biological basis of health and disease, visit this site and mastering technical skills for treating individual patients, price physicians will need to learn to navigate in and continually improve complex systems in order to improve the health of the patients and communities they serve. Physicians should not be mere participants in, much less victims of, such systems. Instead, they ought to be prepared to help lead those systems toward ever-higher-quality care for all.”

Money-Driven Medicine can be great tool to help healthcare professionals and other stakeholders understand the complex healthcare system in order to work towards effective, high quality, patient-centered care for all. To buy the DVD click here.


7.7.10- Obama Bypasses Congress to Appoint Dr. Berwick

Yesterday the White House announced that President Obama will appoint Dr. Don Berwick to be the new Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. After many Republicans in Congress made it clear that they would try to stall the nomination, Obama bypassed Congress by using a recess appointment to to make Berwick the new head of the federal agency.

Read more about the appointment on Maggie Mahar's Health Beat Blog.

Watch video clips of Dr. Berwick from Money-Driven Medicine.

4.6.10- Money-Driven Medicine Producer, Alex Gibney, writes about Dr. Donald Berwick

Money-Driven Medicine Producer, Alex Gibney, writes about President Obama's nomination of Dr. Donald Berwick to run Medicare and Medicaid in the Atlantic. Gibney writes, "He has a passion for improving the quality of health care even as he demands that it be more efficient, less expensive and more attentive to the needs of patients." ( more)

4.19.10- Dr. Donald Berwick is officially nominated to head up Medicare and Medicaid

Dr. Donald Berwick, more about founder and president of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and featured in Money-Driven Medicine, has been nominated by President Obama to be Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Department of Health and Human Services (CMS). Dr. Berwick is a visionary leader of the patient-centered medicine movement. His life has been dedicated to systems changes that reward better, safer and more collaborative care.


The following  video clips of Dr. Berwick are taken from Money-Driven Medicine.

For a profile of Dr. Berwick, see Maggie Mahar’s Health Beat Blog


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3.22.10- The Health Care Bill Passes

On Sunday, thumb March 21 the US Health Care Bill passed with a 219-to-212 vote.


For more information and to read various viewpoints on the Bill visit the "House Passes the Health Care Bill" by the Healthcare Economist.

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