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Maggie Mahar Debates a Healthcare Tax on the Wealthy

Now on PBS logoMaggie Mahar debated an opponent of a surtax on the wealthy to pay for universal healthcare coverage on PBS' "Now" show. To read the second and third round of the debate be sure to click on rebuttals and follow ups click here.

Ask Maggie Mahar

Magie MaharMeet Maggie Mahar. You’ll be seeing more of her on the Journal this week, when we present Money-Driven Medicine, a film produced by Academy Award winning filmmaker Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Darkside, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room). Ms. Mahar was kind enough to take questions from The Moyers Blog readers, so, over the next two weeks, as you watch the debate over health care reform unfold please submit your questions here. We’ll post her answers after next week’s edition of the Journal.


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Maggie Mahar Blogs . . . House Bill Facts + Fictions

Read Maggie Mahar's latest analysis of the House's Healthcare Reform Bill click here.

Money-Driven Medicine Producer Alex Gibney: Healthcare Dons on the Dole

pfizer mario tama getty.jpg Remember the phrase "welfare moms?" It was a phrase designed to attack the very idea of government programs by suggesting that taxpayers all over the country were subsidizing people who were too lazy to work.

Money-Driven Medicine Featured on Bill Moyer's Journal

Excerpts from Money-Driven Medicine were featured on Bill Moyer's public television series on August 28th.

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