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10.27.09- Alex Gibney and Maggie Mahar Center for American Progress Interview
gibney_mahar_camvideoReel Progress talks to Alex Gibney and Maggie Mahar about the inspiration for Money-Driven Medicine, how it can help inspire health care reform, the Watch-In! for America's Health and more. To watch the interview, click here.
10.20.09- Maggie Mahar on CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight Debates the Cost of the Health Care Bills
Maggie Mahar debated the cost of the health care bills on Lou Dobbs Tonight Face Off with Douglas Holtz-Eakin, visit this site a former director of the Congressional Budget Office, viagra and a fellow at the Manhattan Institute. To view the debate click here.
Maggie Mahar Health 2.0 Interview
In this video interview from the Health 2.0 Conference, this web Maggie Mahar says a patient should not be seen as a customer or consumer because healthcare should not be seen as a business. To watch the interview click here.
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