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9.7.11- Better Care for Less: How the Affordable Care Act Pays for Itself and Cuts the Deficit

Read Maggie Mahar's brief  on how the Affordable Care Act will strengthen health insurance protections and at the same time cut costs. Mahar's acclaimed book, Money Driven Medicine, inspired the making of the documentary.

Full brief available here.

8.20.11- The Big Fish Will Once Again Escape

This Spirit of 1848 post by Robert Bowmann critiques how US healthcare rewards new technologies--needed by the fewest amount of patients, click at the expense of primary care and basic services-- needed by the majority of patients.

Read the article here.

Money-Driven Medicine at Conferences and in the Classroom

Some of Money-Driven Medicine screening hightlights include:

  • National Association of Community Health Centers Policy & Issues Forum
  • Association for Prevention Teaching and Research Annual Conference
  • Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Conference on Medical Student Education
  • U.S. Capitol Watch-In Screening
  • APHA Annual Meeting
  • AAMC Annual Conference

Screen Money-Driven Medicine at your conference or use it for a campus event, stomach in your classroom or at a staff training to discuss issues pertaining to healthcare reform including cutting cost while improving quality, patient-safety, the Dr-patient relationship and building support for primary and accountable care.


Learn more about Money-Driven Medicine here

Purchase Money-Driven Medicine here

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