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11.24.10- Patient Safety is Not Improving

A study conducted in 10 North Carolina hospitals that were trying to improve patient safety revealed that the instances of harm to patients did not decrease over time.

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Now, four versions of Money-Driven Medicine - all on one DVD!

Money-Driven Medicine provides the first and only look on film at the economic forces underlying – and often undermining – health care, giving Americans the framework they need to better understand and address the unmet challenges of healthcare reform in the years ahead.


The new Educator's/ Professional’s Edition DVD of Money-Driven Medicine is designed to maximize its value and flexibility in different user contexts: for teaching, training and advocacy.  The DVD contains four versions of the film:

  • Money-Driven Medicine: The Complete Film (86 min)
  • Inside the Medical-Industrial Complex: Profits and Patients (50 min)
  • The Doctor-Patient Relationship: Changing the Culture of American Medicine (38 min)
  • An Introduction to Money-Driven Medicine (18 min)


Learn more about the Educator's/ Professional's Edition DVD.
9.16.10- Berwick article on medical education reform

In a new Academic Medicine article, price   Dr. Berwick and Dr. Finkelstein write about the continued need to reform medical education;

“In addition to understanding the biological basis of health and disease, visit this site and mastering technical skills for treating individual patients, price physicians will need to learn to navigate in and continually improve complex systems in order to improve the health of the patients and communities they serve. Physicians should not be mere participants in, much less victims of, such systems. Instead, they ought to be prepared to help lead those systems toward ever-higher-quality care for all.”

Money-Driven Medicine can be great tool to help healthcare professionals and other stakeholders understand the complex healthcare system in order to work towards effective, high quality, patient-centered care for all. To buy the DVD click here.


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