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Money-Driven Medicine provides the essential analysis Americans need if they are to better understand and address the unmet challenges of comprehensive health reform. The makers of this film deliberately do not prescribe specific solutions to repair the broken American healthcare system; the purpose of this documentary is to provide the background and analysis needed to address the systemic causes of the problem. Money-Driven Medicine recognizes that there is no simple panacea or silver bullet for reform. Change needs to occur at every level of the system and will require the concerted effort of all involved - patients, doctors, nurses, medical students, unions, hospital administrators,  public health and clinical health workers and elected officials.


The links below take you to articles which suggest some next steps, converting insights into evidence-based actions. They describe concrete examples of how reforms are already being implemented in communities and workplaces across the country. They provide the practical examples you'll need to develop your own solutions for the many unmet challenges facing American healthcare policy.


Articles are listed by the following topics:


Beyond Fee for Service: Changing Provider Payment Systems

Paying for Better Care: A Consumer Advocate’s Guides to Payment Reform

By Jessica Curtis and Renee Markus Hodin, Community Catalyst; Robert Seifert, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Accountability, Evidence Based Treatments and Payment Reforms: A Key to Higher Quality and Lower Cost Care

Health Care Spending, Quality and Outcomes: More Isn't Always Better

By Elliott Fisher, MD, MPH, Director, Center of Health Policy Research, Dartmouth Medical School, David Goodman, MD, MS, Jonathan Skinner, PhD, Kristen Bronner, MA

How Single Payer can Expand Coverage and Control Costs

‘WaitIng for the Health Reform We Really Need’

By Arnold S. Relman, MD, Professor Emeritus, Harvard Medical School, Former editor-in-chief, New England Journal of Medicine


Towards Patient-Centered Care

Delivering Great Care: Engaging Patients and Families as Partners

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Making Patient-centered Care Come Alive: Achieving Full Integration of the Patient's Perspective

By Pat Reid Ponte, DNSc, RN, Genevieve Conlin, MS/MBA, MEd, CRRN; James B. Conway, MBA; Susan Grant, MS, RN; Cynthia Medeiros, MSW; Joseph Nies, APFAC; Lawrence Shulman, MD; Patti Branowicki, MS, RN; Karen Conley, MS, RN, AOCN

Prevention: The Best Treatment

Strengthening What Works: Critical Provisions for Prevention and Public Health in

Health Reform Legislation

Memo Prepared by Prevention Institute and PolicyLink


Prevention for a Healthier America

Trust for America's Health


Additional resources on Community Prevention:


Towards More Equitable Care

10 Recommendations for Eliminating Health Disparities in Health Reform

National Health Equity Coalition


The Economic Burden of Health Inequalities in the United States

Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Health Policy Institute


Unequal Treatment: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care

Institute of Medicine


Additional Resources on Health Equity:

Unnatural Causes; Is Inequality Making us Sick? (4 hour public television series in seven sections)


The Importance of Community Health Centers and Primary Care

Who Will Provide Primary Care and How Will They be Trained?

The Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation


Overcoming the Medical Industrial Complex

The Commodification of Health Care

By Bernard Lown, MD


Guaranteeing Universal Care

By 5 Myths about Health Care Around the World

By T.R. Reid


Ensure Patient Safety

Patient Safety At Ten: Unmistakable Progress, Troubling Gaps

By Robert M. Wachter


"Comparative Effectiveness Research" and Kindred Delusions

By Nortin Hadler, MD


Why Not The Best?

The Commonwealth Fund


Learning from Other Countries

Sick Around the World; Five Capitalist Democracies & How They Do It

PBS Frontline

Health Reform: Insights from Around the World

By Cathy Schoen, Karen Davis, and Robin Osborn, The Commonwealth Fund Blog


The following organizations offer articles on proposed solutions, guides and other tools on their websites: